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Spa Tax Taxi Ltd
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Spa Tax Taxi Ltd
anyport Spatax, Darren, Thank you for your great support and service over the 10 days of the festival. We had many directors to bring to hotels and to screenings at Cineworld, Your drivers were polite and on time. We will certainly recommend you in the future as the go to taxi from Cheltenham. Thank you. anyport
Cheltenham International Film Festival
anyport Wayne the taxi driver for spa tax taxis picked me and my mate up when no other taxi company would. He was nothing but charming and friendly from start to finish and was the highlight of my night even after seeing one of my favourite bands. If you use SPA TAX that's amazing but if you get Wayne from SPA TAX congratulations because you've got the best taxi driver of all time!!!!! anyport
Euan Beeby
anyport Visiting a supermarket today with my daughter and granddaughter (2 months old) my daughter purposely parked in an end bay (not parent and child) near the entrance of the supermarket as not only did she have to get her daughter and pram from the car but also as I have a not only hidden disabilities but also balance problems which I normally need to use my walking stick, but as holding onto trolley I was not using it. A female (can not call her a lady) driver pulled in next to my daughters car as we were trying to get her baby and pram out of car. The space she was in was not a parking space. My daughter asked her to move to which she said her mum was disabled and could not walk far. My daughter pointed out the disabled bay. We thought that was it but suddenly she started screaming at us that god will strike us down, bitches, slags. She then shouted that she has had a shit year (so have we with illness and deaths in the family) This female continued screaming and shouting at us whilst hanging out of the window. My daughter was trying to deal with her baby whilst also trying to calm me as by this time I was shaking and in tears, along with my other illnesses/medical conditions I also suffer from anxiety which coming face to face with this exasperated my anxiety. anyport
Stephanie Brown
anyport Hi. I stayed in Cheltenham for the 2000 Trees festival and used your service for taxis to and from the festival every day. All the drivers were very helpful and friendly as were all the reception staff taking bookings. I would definitely recommend your company and use them again. Thank you. anyport
anyport As a taxi driver myself from out of the Cheltenham area I fully appreciate your drivers more than most. I would definitely rate above many of my local firms anyport
anyport Tried to book a taxi When it arrived it left instantly and the man on the phone was very rude. Went with starline instead . Cheaper and much better service. No hate intended but this isn’t acceptable anyport
Freddie clinton
anyport Unfortunately, there isn’t many cab companies in Cheltenham and I can understand why. Take your car with you when visiting this part of the world, unless you are happy with agreeing prices over the phone and then expected to pay more upon arrival. Awful service and was the only thing leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth heading back to London. Do not recommend this service what’s so ever anyport
Sophie Pettengale
anyport just wondered is it legal to carry 5 passengers and a dog in a cab licenced for 4??? anyport
peter harber
anyport This is the test feedback anyport